COVID-19 INFO (English)

Dear Customer / Partner,
Hopefully everything goes well with you and your employees.
At the moment many catering companies are closed on the advice of our government regarding the Corona virus. (COVID-19)
You know that, of course, but why this post?
Shutting down your devices for a long time can cause permanent damage to sensitive and movable parts as a result of limescale, dirt residues, dried grease residues,….
In addition, bacteria are now given free rein with possible health risks.
Keep in mind that equipment will be affected when you restart your company.
Especially if the following has not been correctly or incompletely executed when closing your kitchen.
Has your equipment been properly cleaned and locked?
You can not just turn off equipment that you no longer use in the coming period and that normally remains on as standard, such as coolers, ice cube machines and coffee machines. Thorough cleaning is important before shutting down your equipment. (Condensers, fans, inner vats, ..)
Devices that are in daily use, such as grills, broilers, deep fryers, dishwashers and Steamers, also require a thorough cleaning so that grease and dirt residues do not stick. Empty all water tanks and boilers, open doors to prevent the build-up of a nuisance odor (bacteria build-up),…
However, you may not have been able to take enough time to do this due to the government's abrupt call to close.
But how do you ensure that all this equipment can be restarted smoothly?
Have your kitchen equipment checked and maintained in time by one of our specialists. This prevents unwanted surprises when restarting your business.
Proper maintenance extends the life of your equipment and provides lower energy consumption!
We can also still provide essential advice and this does not result in additional waiting times for interventions during the first weeks of the restart.
It goes without saying that our specialists respect government guidelines. They will always keep the necessary distance, are provided with mouth masks, gloves and disinfectant hand gel so that work can be done in complete safety.
We are all looking forward to the moment when you can open the doors again and would like to support you!
See you soon
Team Jeka Concepts

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